“Something is coming to you, something you can only see once. Traveling from village to village, town to town to celebrate the people, culture and landscape of Ceredigion “.

The isolation of the countryside can sometimes lead to an over reliance on impersonal media. With Covid-19 worsening this, and the theatres not yet being allowed to open, the Arad Goch Theatre Company have created a series of small outdoor performances to tackle this which will take place across the county.

Commencing on the 25th June, utilizing local myths and legends alongside recent stories and news, the series of performances will recognize and celebrate our heritage as well as the strengths and events of our modern community. The rurality of the county is important not only to the Arad Goch Theatre as a company, but to all the county’s residents who have been affected by Covid-19.

This will be a ‘hidden’ or ‘pop-up’ theatre; from the mountains to the sea, the importance of the county’s history, culture and communities will be demonstrated by bringing moments of beauty and amusement to try to counteract some of the elements of isolation caused by Covid-19 loneliness. Using stories, music, songs and dance and collaborating with poet Eurig Salisbury and choreographer Anna ap Robert, the actors will create and perform pieces that will be unique to the communities of Ceredigion.

The Arad Goch Theatre Company Artistic Director, Jeremy Turner, said, “This is a great opportunity to think in different ways about how to create, perform and rediscover the basics of theatre in its most raw form – few performers, few audiences and no technology. It will be a challenge for the actors as every day and every performance will be different, with varying locations whether it be on a milk stall, a bench at a crossroads where people gather for a chat, a patch of grass in front of a pub or a post office in exchange story – and of course the dogs, the seagulls and the rain will need to be considered as well as the restrictions and safety of COVID. Due to Covid-19 restrictions we will not try to attract huge crowds and would be happy to perform for two people on the side of the street or over the garden wall”.

As we will not be announcing the time and location of each performance, the public are being urged to keep a watch out on the Arad Goch Theatre Company social media platforms for daily hints and suggestions on the locations of each performance. People can also invite them to perform in their village or come and perform to celebrate a special occasion.

The tour can also be followed on the Arad Goch Theatre Company website where photos of the events shall be released, the Ceredigion landscape and some of the people they meet – as well as updating the tour locations.

This project which has received funding through the Welsh Government’s Rural Communities – Rural Development Plan 2014-2020 Program, funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government. will not be announcing the time and location of each performance.

With thanks also to the Arts Council of Wales for the support for this project.