Not Me

Age: 7+
Director: Carwyn Blayney

Nid Fi is a familiar production for Arad Goch with numerous performances having been made since being written in the 90s. The last production was in 2017, but the production will be slightly different this time around.

This play is all about the effects of bullying and was written by Mari Rhian Owen. Usually this sort of production would tour from school to school, but the big difference with the 2021 production is there will be no audience. Well – not in the theatre anyway! This current version will instead be filmed in Canolfan Arad Goch and Streamed into schools.

The cast and crew that will be bringing this production to life may be recognisable from some of Arad Goch’s previous work. The cast includes Elin Gruffydd, Aaron William-Davies and Cadi Beaufort. Also working on the production will be the director Carwyn Blayney and designer Elin Maddocks

The production will be streamed on the AM multimedia platform. Working together we have developed our page so that the work can be shown to pupils across the county.

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Carwyn Blayney

Aaron William-Davies


Cadi Beaufort


Elin Gruffydd


Carwyn Blayney