Where The Leaves Blow

A new production of one of the Arad Goch classics, Where the Leaves Blow is an interactive drama for young children 3 – 9 years old (younger children can also attend with their families) that includes some elements of British Sign Language (BSL). 

Starting outside, or in the foyer of the theatre/hall, the audience moves to an enclosed space – quiet and safe where they help the characters create a new home from natural materials – leaves, sticks and wood. 

It is a lively and musical drama, sometimes funny and at other times dealing with the emotions of the children with themes regarding friendship, working together and caring – and encouraging the children to be creative in their own way. 


Where the Leaves Blow will be touring to primary schools in Welsh and English, between January and March 2023, but there will be public performances too! See below the public performances, contact the venues directly for tickets, or call Arad Goch for more information on 01970617998.



To buy tickets for the performances below, contact the theatres directly. For tickets at Canolfan Arad Goch, email post@aradgoch.org.


Tŷ Tawe, Swansea

Saturday 18/2/23 11:00 (Welsh Performance)


Hopkinstown Hall, Pontypridd

Tuesday 21/2/23 14:00 (Welsh Performance)


Theatr Sherman, Cardiff

Wednesday 22/2/23 13:30 (Welsh Performance) & 16:00 (English Performance)

Thursday 23/2/23 11:00 (Welsh Performance) & 13:30 (English Performance)


Yr Egin, Carmarthen

Friday 24/2/23 11:00 (Welsh Performance) & 14:00 (Welsh Performance)


Canolfan Arad Goch, Aberystwyth (post@aradgoch.org)

Saturday 25/2/23 10:30 (Welsh Performance) & 13:30 (English Performance)


Theatr Derek Williams, Y Bala

Tuesday 21/3/23 10:00 (Welsh Performance) & 13:30 (Welsh Performance)


3-9 years old


January – April 2023


Ffion Wyn Bowen