Something is coming to your area and you can be a part of creating it – something small you can only see once.

With only a short time to view the work it will be a unique opportunity to see performers of all kinds visiting the Ceredigion countryside.

The isolation of the countryside has been exacerbated by COVID19 leading to an over-reliance on impersonal mass media. Because of this Cwmni Theatr Arad Goch will be creating small outdoor performances that will take place in your area.

By focusing on the theme ‘Our Stories’, we want to include local myths and tales alongside current and recent stories and news. We will recognize and celebrate our heritage as well as the strengths and events of our modern community. And we want to include your stories!

So we ask you to contact us to share your story – about a person or an event or a memory: small pieces of history can make a big story! You can send your story on paper, by email or as an audio recording from your phone.

We also want you to suggest venues to visit to perform outside. A group of colorful travelers arrive, with little warning, to perform, sing and dance on the square, over the wall, in the garden, on a farm, on the roadside, on a door step or through the window – keeping safe distance, of course. Suggest a place to go to perform or nominate someone who would like a little heartwarming visit on our tour.

Contact us at if you would like to contribute a story, suggest a location or for more information.